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Cacao Medicine + Music




Weekly Virtual Circle


Acerca de HeartQuest

Embark on a transformative 3-part magical journey with our online course, 'Cacao Medicine + Music.'

In Part One, you'll dive into the art of making your own nourishing and ceremonial cacao beverage, connecting with the spirit of this sacred plant medicine.

In Part Two, you'll explore the sacred space creation and learn powerful medicine songs that will help you hold a harmonious container for yourself and others, allowing hearts to open and souls to connect on a deeper level.

And in Part Three, you'll join our vibrant online Cacao Circle—a weekly group Zoom meeting where we gather to share our experiences, insights, and challenges in holding our own cacao circles. Together, we will build a supportive and nurturing community.

Whether you're new to cacao or have experience with plant medicine and music, this course offers a unique opportunity to deepen your connection to cacao, ritual, and the transformative power of music.

Join us on this enchanting journey and unlock the magic within.

Soniko is the founder and head teacher of VisionaryTRiBE, a school dedicated to the study and practice of shamanism and ancient wisdom.

He is a Paqo or shamanic priest initiated in the Andean linage of the Q'ero who has dedicated half of his life to the study and practice of shamanic arts, trained in many different types of shamanic disciplines from around the world, mainly core shamanism from the Andes and Turtle Island.

He is well-versed in conscious journeying, visionary work, oracle divination, master plant integration and he has a great skill for holding sacred spaces that allow for personal transformation and collective evolution.

Soniko is passionate about helping people connect to their inner truth and explore their spiritual potential, bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to his teachings. He is a patient and compassionate teacher and mentor who has created his own methodology calle "the Heart Map Experience" dedicated to helping his students to discover their life’s purpose. He strives to create an environment where students feel safe and supported to explore and learn the shamanic arts. He encourages each student to find their own personal path of transformation and healing and his mission has inspired many people over the years.

Tu guía

Soniko Waira

Soniko Waira
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